iOS 15.4 Latest Features

iOS 15.4 Will Bring the Most Keenly-Awaited Apple Features to iPhones

The big news for iPhone users is that iOS 15.4 will be launched in the month of March. Apple users will soon be able to upgrade to the latest iPhone software. American multinational technology firm ‘Apple’ has already made iOS 15.4 available for the users in developer beta mode. The latest version of iOS is more secure and user-friendly than ever.

iOS 15.4 Latest Features

The first beta of iOS 15.4 is a face ID with a mask feature. If you have upgraded to iOS 15.4, you can use this feature. The new iOS 15.4 has improved refresh rate i.e: 120Hz. This feature will be loved by the users who played games a lot. So on the upgraded version of iOS users can enjoy games more than ever.

Apple has introduced four iOS beta so far, this means iPhone users can use the updated version of the Find My app that has improved tracking controls, and it also fixes the AirTag abuse controversy.

The latest iOS 15.4 Beta 2 has made the tap to pay feature available on the iPhones. This also brings in a fascinating feature to users to choose ‘YES’ or ‘No’ of submitting the recording to Apple for analytics made by their iPads or iPhones.

It would be unconventional, as users should have been able to reset these preferences to iOS 13.2. But it seems that the latest iOS 15.2 canceled Siri & Dictation controls for a few devices, as Apple admitted when the issue came out in the news.

On the other hand, audio recordings that have been forwarded to Apple might be without their consent or knowledge. But the good thing is that this issue will be resolved (most probably) with the latest version of iOS 15.4.

Users with iOS 15 will be able to upgrade to 15.4. This latest version has loads of cool features and Apple users will enjoy using their devices more than ever.

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