Best Places to Visit in UK

Best Places to Visit in United Kingdom (UK) On Your First Visit

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We all know that there is no greater joy than traveling. It is one of the best ways to kill anxiety and stress. England is one of those countries that are also known as a paradise for travelers. You can find a lot of places to visit in the UK.

Every year loads of people visit England from around the globe. As a traveler, if you are coming to England for the first time, there are several tourists attraction you shouldn’t miss.

This article will show you what are the best places in England you must visit on your UK trip.

Top Places to Visit in the UK

One of the most attractive and powerful lands in the world is the United Kingdom (UK). For a tourist, there is nothing bigger than exploring the natural beauty of the UK.

Although there are countless places for tourists to visit, London Eye, Dunluce Castle, Windsor Castle, and Old Town in Edinburgh are the best ones.

Moreover, the British royal family is another thing the UK is famous for in the entire world.

Though there are a lot of places to visit in the United Kingdom, we are going to mention only the best 12 places to visit in England on your first visit.

1- Cambridge – This Historic City

Cambridge - This Historic City

Cambridge is a historic city that should be one the top of your destination list. This city is famous due to Cambridge University, which is one of the great institutes around the globe. Cambridge is not too far from England.

You can reach Cambridge from London in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. Around the city ‘River Cam’ and ‘Fitzwilliam Museum’ are the places you must visit during your visit to Cambridge city.

2- Jurassic Coast Beach in Southern England

Jurassic Coast Beach in Southern England

In Sothern England ‘Jurassic Coast Beach’ is the place where you can spend a day and enjoy a beautiful view of crystal clear blue water. Jurassic beach is 3 hours drive away from Cambridge.

It is a worth visiting place, and if you are coming with your wife do not miss visiting this place at any cost.

3- Yorkshire City & National Park

Yorkshire City & National Park

In northern England, Yorkshire is a tourist attraction every tourist visits during his/her trip. The city is not too far away from Cambridge. The national park is one of the best attractions where you can enjoy the view of green meadows.

Moreover, North York Moors, Dales National Park, and Harrogate historic towns are the best tourist attractions around Yorkshire.

4- Brighton


During your trip to England ‘Brighton’ is another city you shouldn’t miss. It is in East Sussex, England. If you are coming from Cambridge city, it will take you 2 hours of drive to reach Brighton.

Castle Hill and Palace Pier are one of the famous tourist attractions near Brighton. Also, you can find traditional restaurants and affordable accommodation in Brighton city.

5- London Eye

London Eye

After landing at Heathrow airport, the first place you should visit is the London Eye. This place is no less than a paradise for tourists. It is located right in the heart of London.

The place is famous because it is the highest observation wheel around the globe, and you can enjoy a mesmerizing view of London. Only an hour drive away from Heathrow airport the London eye is a worth visiting place.

The ticketing price is £25-£45 which can vary during the weekends.

6- Stonehenge Monument

Stonehenge Monument

Stonehenge monument is a state-of-the-art structure located in England near Amesbury town. The monument is more than 5000 years old and is the best tourist attraction around the UK.

As a tourist, if you love to explore historic places, then you should visit the Stonehenge monument. You can also eat delicious food as there are a lot of options near this place. Whether you are traveling with family or friends must visit this place.

Check out this brief travel guide to the Stonehenge monument.

7- Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

If you are traveling to the UK with your better half, do not miss the place ‘Dunluce Castle.’ It is one of the most romantic places near County Antrim. The sunset view at Dunluce Castle will give your life a new romantic touch that you never felt before.

If you are coming directly from Heathrow airport, take a direct flight that will drop you at Dunluce within 1 hour and 30 minutes.

More Places to Visit in UK

Traveling to unexplored places is always a great way to spend your holidays. But if you don’t know enough about your destination your trip can become a big headache. Therefore, it is necessary to get complete know-how before leaving for a leisure trip.

For instance, if you are planning a trip to the UK, keep in mind that England, Northern Ireland, and Wales are the most visited places in the United Kingdom. So I’m going to share some information you must know when traveling for a UK trip.

8- Trafford Centre Manchester

Trafford Centre Manchester

Trafford center is a shopping mall in Manchester. If you want to buy some gifts for your loved ones, must visit this place. You can find here amazing things from branded clothes to stylish shoes and more.

Buying is not too much expensive at this place. You can purchase amazing things at a very low price.

9- London Bridge

London Bridge

London Bridge is probably the most famous place a tourist should visit in London UK. London Bridge, also known as ‘Tower Bridge’ is just a 54-minute drive away from Heathrow Airport.

Do not miss the boating experience in the river, where you can also see the iconic London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

Around the bridge, you can find famous restaurants where you can enjoy traditional food and have fun with family or friends.

10- Edinburgh Hilly Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh Hilly Capital of Scotland

Edinburgh hilly capital of Scotland is another famous tourist point that should be on the top of your destination’s list. It is surrounded by Neoclassical architecture and lush green gardens.

You can reach Edinburgh in 1 hour and 15 mins by taking a direct flight from Heathrow Airport. Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Zoo are a few of the famous places you shouldn’t miss.

11- Wonderful Windsor

Wonderful Windsor

Wonderful Windsor is in the county of Berkshire, England. This historic town is the best nearest tourist spot to London. The amazing gardens and hidden treasures of nature are worth visiting.

Wonderful Windsor is just 30 minutes drive away from central London. This place should be on your mind when planning a trip to the UK.

12- The University of Cambridge and Oxford

The University of Cambridge and Oxford

Who doesn’t know about Cambridge and Oxford? These historic and amazingly designed universities are the most famous education institute around the globe.

The building of both universities is a great reflection of art and the best tourist spot in the UK. The distance between both institutes is almost 65 miles. Oxford university is bigger and livelier than Cambridge.

It is the reason why tourists prefer spending their most time at Oxford. But I recon to visit both iconic places and spend as much time as you can. Keep in mind that Cambridge is in East Anglia and Oxford is in Cotswolds.

So the above-mentioned places are some of the must-visit places during your United Kingdom trip. Not all tourists know how to plan a travel trip. I hope after reading this guide you can plan your best trip to the UK where you can spend quality time and reduce anxiety and stress.

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