ECB Decision Makes Zero Sense Alex Hales

“I Feel Safe in Pakistan” ECB Shouldn’t Cancelled its Tour: Alex Hales

The cancellation of England’s tour to Pakistan has been a hot topic for a long time now. Alex Hales, in recent interviews, shared his point of view regarding the cancellation of the trip in which he stated that such a decision from England made no sense.

In his recent interview with GEO TV, Hales elaborated further, saying that the decision was odd since Pakistan has been visiting England all the time of COVID. Hales also added that Pakistan has been aiding ECB generously.

Hales also believed that if the tour were a lengthy contract, it would have made more sense. Instead, they were on a brief contract with limited T20 matches aligned.

This trip was on the schedule for quite a long time. England canceling such an early scheduled trip at such short notice was alarming. The trip was called weeks before its actual date.

This raised a series of questions for both countries where it may be difficult for Pakistan to prove its security. While on the other hand, people were questioning the authenticity of England.

When looking at the career of Hales in the field of cricket, we can see that Hales has spent a major time of his career with Pakistan, which is more than any English cricketer.

Alex Hales Talks About PSL

Talking about PSL, it is 4th consecutive year of Hales being a part of the league. This also counts the two seasons that were cut short due to pandemic issues.

Hales also won the title of Karachi kings on this second spell with Islamabad united tea. He has been declared as the top of the list opening batsman who has made a record over 44 runs in one game by gaining 150 striking rates.

Hales was proud to state that he had been visiting Pakistan occasionally. He was glad to admit that every time he had been to Pakistan, he was welcomed and treated in the best manner possible.

Alex also explained that his experience both professionally in the sense of cricket or off-field among the general public is usually excellent. He added that the fan following in Pakistan is great.

Alex Hales repeatedly claimed that he has always felt safe and secure being within the boundaries of Pakistan.

Hales has shared his views about his career life too. Where he says that his time now in cricket is more fun than ever, he is now in his 30s which shows that he is in his maturity.

He feels that his cricket now is greatest than ever. He is willing to stay in the career for several years. For now, he is focused on enjoying making as many runs as he can.

He believes that his stats are the best in the world. This might work as an opportunity for him to make him present himself again.

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